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Pop Into the Past

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Pop Into The  Past is a music feature on Bob Brollys Friday afternoon radio show ever fortnight on BBC:WM from 3.00 to 3.30. Each time Bob and Pete talk to an artist or member of a group, play some of their music and have a chat about their musical career.

this feature has now become

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Previous guests on Pop Into The Past include:
Georgina Johnson-The Orchids
Tony Clarke-Moody Blues Producer
Bob Jackson-The Fortunes
Tony Newman-Pinkertons Colours
Matt Hanley-Russian Girlfriend
Vince Hill
Steve & Heather Taylor-writers of "Go For It"
Simon & Simon-Special Brew
Julie,Stu and Rob-Satin Dolls
Neol Davies-Selecter & Box Of Blues
Bev Jones
Sam & Steve-Two Giraffes
The Pickwicks
Vince Holliday
Tim James & Co playing live
Roger Lomas
Phil Packham-The Sorrows
Paul King
Paul Sampson
The Eager Beavers
Martin Cure
Tony Beard
Brian Locking
Rob Armstrong
Ray King
The Kidda Band
Rob Woodward & Nigel Fletcher
The Challengers
The Chads
The Mighty Avengers
Paul Leegan
The Matadors
Proffesor Anthony Lis
Don Fardon
Ivor Lee
These feature has now become
 Pete's Novelty Nugget

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