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This is a new book that looks at the places and the faces that helped to shape the genre that emerged as 2-Tone. Full of rare and rarely seen photographs, the book features a 20 location tour around the city of Coventry, and each one is brought to life by new and up to date quotes from the people who made the difference. Including Jerry Dammers, Horace Panter, Roddy Byers, Lynval Golding, Neville Staple, Pauline Black, Roger Lomas, Neol Davies (who also wrote the foreword) and many others.

The 2-Tone Trail is published by Tencton Planet Publications and retails for just 5.00. It will be available from various outlets including Borders, e-bay and Amazon.

There are 20 sites on the main trail, here are just a few of them: The Lanchester Poly, The Canal Basin, Tiffany's, 51 Albany Road and The Domino!

The book also looks at out of town sites and other related sites amounting to a veritable Coventry 2-Tone encyclopaedia!

People who have contributed to the book include

 Horace Panter, Roddy Byers, Jerry Dammers, Chalkie Davies, Roger Lomas, Pauline Black, Jane Bom-Bane, Paul Williams, Focus Maps, cover designer Simon Kelly, Simon Ward, Pete Walters at CV One, Roger Vaughan at Coventry City Council and not forgetting Neol Davies for his excellent foreword.

 Huge thanks to the following for the use of their photos. The Coventry Evening Telegraph, David English at EMI Publishing Ltd, Jeff Veitch, Paul Williams, Joe Kerrigan, ITV Central News, Brian Griffin, Dave McGrory and Chalkie Davies & Carol Starr.

Lots of thanks to, Neville Staple, Claire Hope, Denis Murphy, Dave Wakeling, Gaps, Lynval Golding, Dave Gilbert, Paul Heskett, Q Magazine and Johnny Black for their 2-Tone Maps and Legend article and Paul Heller for being the Specials number one fan. Plus a special thank you to my wife for all her help & support.