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This what real people have said about the 2-Tone Trail....


The Official Specials Website

“This definitive guide maps the roots of 2-Tone and is a great read”

This is What the very informative and influential 2-Tone Info site had to say about The 2-Tone Trail.

"The 2-Tone Trail is a wonderful new book by Coventry local Pete Chambers, that looks at the places and the faces that helped to shape 2-Tone. Full of rarely seen photographs and very interesting titbits of info, the book features a 20 location tour around the city, and each one is brought to life by quotes from the likes of Jerry, Horace, Roddy, Lynval, Neville, Pauline, Roger Lomas, Neol Davies who also contibutes the foreword.

The booklet also contains some great photographs which will be of interest to those with more than a passing interest in the label, such as the original photograph (in its unedited state) used for the Specials debut album. The photograph was taken at the Canal basin in Coventry, and also included is a photograph of the basin as it is today. Terry Hall wearing what can only be described as a dolls outfit is just one of the photographs included of the Coventry Automatics".

From Lynval Golding

"Just received your book today and thank you so much!  I wish you the best of luck on it's release and please keep in touch.  I would like to hear that the book is a real big success.

Take care and get that on the best sellers list!

From Liz Kershaw on BBC 6 Music

"It's great,dead interesting stuff"

From The Official Selecter Website

"It's a good read and features new quotes from various members (past and Present) of The Specials and Selecter".

From 2-Tone author Paul Williams

The new book "The 2Tone Trail" is out and is superb.It is the definitive guide to all things in 2Tone Coventry.The book is designed to give the 2Tone/Specials/Selecter fan a little personal insight into where the 2Tone phenomenon began.Its brilliant with unseen pics.

This one's on The Amazon site from top 2-Tone fan and Special Brew bassman Simon Ward!

"This book is fantastic. As a fan of 2 tone and Coventry music, or simply as a visitor to Coventry, you cant go wrong. There is a huge amount of detail about so many places that were instrumental in shaping the whole scene in the late 70's.The author has really looked under every stone in his quest to detail as much information about the places and the people that were involved in this maverick label. I can’t wait to get out onto the streets of Coventry with the map and visit all of the places featured. A truly great idea that has been well written and well presented".

 The award winning  "Clash" Magazine

The 2-Tone Trail is a neat new book imparting lavishly detailed factoids about the Specials”

Scootering Magazine

"This is an extremely interesting book"


Some more quotes from top 2-Tone fans!

  • Brilliant book vital for all ska music fans & history buffs alike!

        Just got a copy!! Nice one Pete! A fine job!!


        Got my copy today, just finished reading it, very good, well impressed with it


        Nice one Pete got my copy today and have read most of it now. Good work sir.


        Great book and an interesting take on the 2 Tone story

  •  A fantastic insight into the places that shaped 2-Tone
  • "Found your new book in Ottakars on Sunday, an excellent read and has answered so many questions that I had about 2-Tone and its beginnings"
  • "Many many thanks for the book.  It's absolutely brilliant and I'm enjoying reading all the interesting contributions from the bands.  It is good the way you use past and present photos to show the trail.  It's bringing back many happy memories of a vibrant and dynamic music scene in the late 70s, congratulations on a first class book".